University Data Fellows

The World Bank has streamlined university partnerships through use of ​ a standard framework agreement, designed to cover many different ​ kinds of student projects and engagements. As specific projects and ​ collaborations are initiated, these are added to the signed framework ​ agreement.

World Bank staff are invited to submit project proposals to university ​ partners, who then select and match projects to students / student ​ teams. Proposals will cover a wide range of public service and ​ infrastructure challenges in emerging economies. All will have a ​ geospatial and/or data science component suitable for graduate-level data and computer science students. ​

While students’ time are covered by their university, Bank staff will reimburse students and their advisors for any expenses directly associated with their project (e.g., travel). ​ To receive information about the next call for proposals, or to recommend a new university for the program, drop us a note:!

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Projects Supported through the University Data Fellows Program