Data Lab Leads Network

Data Lab Leads are director-nominated focal points for teams across all VPUs, tasked with linking their colleagues who are seeking data-related resources to the other Lab Leads. Through this system, teams can be connected to the data resources they need, while avoiding the need to set up a centralized “help desk”. To see how Leads connect staff, see our Request for Support Tracker.

Lab Leads also contribute towards Lab program design and implementation, and they meet monthly to share and learn best practices.

Find your Lab Lead below. Don’t see a Lead for your team? Let us know:!

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With our support, Lab Leads are among the most technically current, well connected staff in their units. They help their colleagues find the resources they need to solve the most important development challenges. Lab Leads can use the Lab as a platform to launch large initiatives, from high-level partnerships to clinics and crowdfunding new ideas – activities that would be more difficult given each Lead’s limitations posed by their sector or region. Interested in learning more? Write to us:!